The Dr. Jeremy Cloward Academy

Hello, and welcome to the Dr. Jeremy Cloward Teaching and Tutoring Academy. Or simply, "The Academy." The Academy is designed as a one-on-one teaching and learning program where the education of each student is determined by the needs of each individual.

The Academy focuses on the teaching and tutoring of all subjects (except for math and science) for all students--kindergarten through graduate school--throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The primary  focus of The Academy is the teaching of reading, comprehension, and writing for a wide range of subjects and projects in the social sciences and humanities. 

The monetary cost of the program can be determined by the size of the project or at an hourly rate. However, before any price is decided upon a meeting (either over the phone or in-person) will be scheduled to determine both the main concerns of the student as well as the scope of the project. 

Thank you. And, even if you find that The Academy doesn't fit your educational needs I wish you good luck.

The Children are Our Best Hope for All Things

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